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CATTfish® and Flamingo® water monitoring systems were invented at Carnegie Mellon University. Last year a new company was formed, MellonHead Labs, to commercialize this innovative technology.  

This new technology allows you to monitor changes in water quality inside the home (CATTfish) or outside in streams, rivers, and ponds (Flamingo). Powerful cloud computing makes data collection and interpretation easy to use and share. Large data sets can be graphically examined by month, day, hour, or second.

These sensors, made by MellonHead Labs®, will passively measure water conductivity, temperature, total dissolved solids (via calculation) , and other parameters of water quality. This information can then be compared to known data sources and government guidelines for water quality.

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MellonHead Labs
2211 Lesnett Road, STE 112672
Pittsburgh, PA 15241
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